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Berluti partners with BWT Alpine F1 Team

Berluti is proud to announce a partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team. The Parisian Maison is thus established as Alpine Elegance Partner. This is the latest instance in Berluti’s history of exceptional collaborations, which have long been part of the Maison’s DNA.

With a history dating back to 1955 when Jean Rédélé, a young man passionate about competition, formed an automotive brand before going on to design the legendary A110 car seven years later, the company has evolved into Alpine F1 Team in 2021, taking victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix the same year.

As it embarks on its second Formula 1 season, Alpine’s core values of passion, innovation and excellence meet Berluti’s focus on craftsmanship, know-how and cutting-edge technique in a new partnership, in which Berluti will provide elegance kits to the BWT Alpine F1 Team drivers and executive team. An emblem of masculine elegance, Berluti provides a complete, head-to-toe wardrobe for modern men.

Drivers Fernando Alonso - two-time Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion - and Esteban Ocon - who took his maiden Formula 1 victory at the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix - will, alongside the Executive team, wear a Berluti wardrobe on selected occasions. Composed of a formal suit and an informal jeans, embroidered shirt and cashmere blazer ensemble, the kit also features accessories and shoes including the new Eden lace-up as well as the classic Playtime sneaker and the iconic Alessandro lace-up court shoe, displaying an Alpine-inspired blue patina.

To top it all off, Berluti has also handcrafted a made-to-measure Venezia leather case - also with a blue patina - to contain the team’s steering wheels. This unique object is a first for Berluti, and also for Formula 1.

The partnership will debut during the Miami Grand Prix on May 8, and resume at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 29 and later this year. Around the race’s dates, Berluti clients will be able to meet the BWT Alpine F1 team at local Berluti stores. Selected clients will also have exceptional access to the venue paddocks and backstage, for a truly unique experience.

Antoine Arnault, CEO Berluti: “We are thrilled to have been introduced to the world of Formula 1, one of the most extreme, demanding, historical and prestigious sports. And to do so by teaming up with the legendary BWT Alpine F1 team makes complete sense for Berluti: we both have an established heritage, we both have our own manufactures, and we are both driven by a consistent exigency between timeless know-how and innovation. Lifestyle offering has long been among Berluti’s core values and expanding it into this partnership with BWT Alpine Formula 1 as their Elegance partner felt like a natural step.“

Laurent Rossi, CEO Alpine: “It’s a real pleasure for BWT Alpine F1 Team to enter a partnership with such an iconic fashion brand in Berluti. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport, filled with history, prestige and huge global interest, which makes this partnership with Berluti so special as we match our shared values by combining Formula 1 with luxury fashion. As the team’s Elegance Partner, we’re looking forward to taking the next step with Berluti from this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix where the drivers and Executive management team will showcase their excellent range of high-end clothing. The team’s image is held in high regard and it’s important we maintain that view not only on-track but also off-track in the fashion stakes.”


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