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Berluti presents the new Spada shoe

Introducing Spada, Berluti’s newest Derby lace-up shoe with a thick micro foam outsole that blends casual and formal styles.

Inspired by the 2016 design featuring a sole shape mimicking the edges of a sword blade, for Spring 2022, the Spada model has evolved to become the ultimate everyday use shoe with the classic Derby elements - from the open lacing to its versatile stitching and shape. It juxtaposes a timelessly chic upper and a functional, comfortable outsole with a new graphic design.

Made from supple, lightweight micro foam, the ridged outsole offers exceptional ease while the contrasting upper is a nod to bootmaker know-how. A decorative Goodyear welt all around the shoe adds to the disparity, making for a resolutely modern look.

Three different versions of Spada are offered: a Venezia leather one featuring Berluti’s new Cacao Intenso patina - a medley of rich, warm brown tones. A Venezia Scritto one, featuring an understated, asymmetrical Scritto detail on one side of the upper and patinated in shades of Nero Grigio. And a Camoscio suede model in navy blue, also displaying a laser carved Scritto detail on the upper.

The new Berluti Spada Derby shoes are now available worldwide in Berluti stores.


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