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Choose a design you can trust from Western Furniture this Valentin’s Day

It might be time to think outside the box this Valentine's Day if you're tired of giving roses and chocolate to your loved ones. Give your Valentine's Day gift this year a unique home décor gift for you or the modern accessories lover in your life. Try one of these items from Western Furniture.

A cloud with a backrest

Boterina, the smallest member of the Botera family, is a more compact armchair that will prove agile even in less spacious settings.

A design you can trust

A modernist design, projected onto our days: such is the Estasi sofa. lts shape is elegant and memorable, with a lot of room and comfort but a slender overall figure. Back and seat cushions are fixed to the sofa's wooden frame, for added solidity and support. Be loved! Be amazed!

TENDER is a funny and handy furnishing accessory in every environment

TENDER is a multifunctional side table with an ironic look: the perfect furnishing accessory for a modern bedroom or a young living area.

TENDER is made of metal coated in the most fashionable tones and is fitted with an integrated cable hole that allows you to insert and conceal every type of power cable (smartphone or tablet charger cable, or the power supply cable of a small lamp, etc). Its shape allows it to be used in many different ways, for example as side table next to the sofa or the bed, or in any other area of the home wherever a lightweight and easy-to-move extra surface is convenient.

This Valentine's Day, let Western Furniture make you feel loved and amazed! For more information and details, Email: | or call: Umm Hurair Road: T. 04 337 7152. #westernfurniture #dubai #valentine'sday


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