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Connect Group helps international companies make their mark in the GCC

Global businesses looking to capitalise on the GCC’s buoyant economic outlook can now get expert assistance with on-the-ground hiring, establishment and ongoing HR support

International businesses wanting to expand into the GCC region will now find it easier to establish, hire and navigate local employment laws, thanks to new support services from Connect Group.

While much of the world is facing an economic downturn, the GCC is poised for significant growth and transformation in the coming years, thanks to its continued economic diversification, youthful population, and continued innovation, driven by Dubai's Smart City project and Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 plan. Recent reports suggest the GCC will escape the worst of the global slowdown, with the World Bank predicting a 2023 GDP of 4.1% for the GCC compared to a global growth as low as 1.7%.

Businesses looking to capitalise on the strong GCC market can now enlist expert establishment support from Connect Group, one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Middle East. The group has launched new services designed to help their global clients explore, establish, and expand their business in the region.

With extensive local expertise, knowledge of the GCC market, established relationships with key stakeholders, and ability to navigate complex legal and regulatory frameworks, Connect Group is the ideal on-the-ground partner for businesses that are new to the Middle East.

Testing the waters

For international businesses wanting to test out the local market, Connect Group offers flexible EOR (Employer of Record) services, allowing companies to hire employees in the Middle East without establishing an entity here. Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Group says, “We can take care of all employee work permits, visas, insurance, and payroll so they can legally work, live, and get paid in the Middle East. We can also assist with relocation and temporary accommodation for international employees.”

From the ground up

Once a client has determined that the Middle East is the right market for their business, Connect Group can help with all aspects of company establishment, navigating the region’s complexities with ease.

“With our extensive expertise in the GCC, we can handle all matters regarding company formation, from obtaining the right trade license to opening bank accounts, managing all of the paperwork, and securing the ideal office space, with experience on-boarding teams of up to 200 people,” says Aaron. “

Ongoing support, every step of the way

After the initial establishment phase, Connect Group offers ongoing HR support that enables their clients to focus on their business growth. Expert HR services include recruitment, payroll, visas and PRO matters. Tailormade for the Middle East, Connect Group’s HR system gives clients clear visibility over their employees' onboarding, visa status, attendance, payrolls, and much more. “Our team of 100 speaks 13 languages, with expertise in all facets of local law and immigration, so our clients can always count on our local knowledge and the support of native speakers,” says Aaron. “At a time when the GCC is offering unparalleled opportunities for international businesses, we are excited to help new clients get a foothold in one of the world’s most dynamic regions of growth.”


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