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Everything you need to know about vivo’s X70 series

Launched in mid-December 2021 across the Middle East, the vivo X70 series contains two major flagship models. Consisting of the X70 and X70 Pro, the series was built with the aim to center users’ needs and deliver professional photography experience within the industry.

Apart from introducing new portrait photography modes in partnership with ZEISS, vivo’s X70 series lineup is also fitted with next-level specs to provide users the optimal experience. vivo has brought to its worldwide customers heightening and new standards of mobile innovation and mobile photography with the X70 and X70 Pro.

Here’s a look at some of the X70 series top features:

Enhanced Photography and Videography Experience

Looking for a phone that captures high-end imagery and videos? Well, the X70 series has got you covered. In partnership with ZEISS, the X70 Pro and X70 incorporates top-notch imaging and video features inside and out, meaning your imaging and vlogging experience will enable you to record and snap natural-looking shots, literally. This is all thanks to the X70 series’ camera redefined specs front and back. The entire X70 lineup has 32MP front cameras, while rear quad-camera arrays have been installed on the X70 Pro (50MP + 12MP+ 12MP + 8MP), while the X70 uses a tri-camera system (40MP + 12MP + 12MP).

In addition, aspiring vloggers need to look no further! The X70 series offers a seamless, easy and professional vlogging experience through its Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 technology, making one’s video smooth and enjoyable to watch. The feature allows users to transition the X/Y-axis with Z-axis rotation to achieve well-rounded stability.

Finally, the X70 series has also introduced multi-modal photography and videography features, allowing users to get creative and hands-on when it comes to unleashing their imaging capabilities. This includes Real-Time Extreme Night Vision, Super Night Video, Pure Night View, and Pro Cinematic Mode to maximize visual aesthetics for users.

Effective and long-lasting performance

The X70 series lineup consists of two powerhouse devices with specs that can satisfy even the most demanding high-performance user.

Providing users with a customized experience, the two global flagship devices run on the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-vivo chip that provides faster algorithm calculations, lower power consumption, and higher operating efficiency. Speaking on power consumption, the X70 Pro and X70 can hold up to 4450 mAh (TYP) or 4400 mAh (TYP) batteries that enable ongoing performance, basically never running out of charge for the whole day.

Further to that, the X70 series lineup include power efficient processors that allow users to get the most out of 5G connectivity every day, ensuring speed and efficient connectivity.

Seamless design and interface

If you’re looking for a phone that matches your personality, then the X70 series is definitely the one. vivo went out of its way with the X70 series to deliver a timeless and humanistic design.

Both the X70 Pro and X70 offers revolutionary design process through its smooth curve, flatness of display and comfortable grip design, allowing users to feel and embrace how light the phone is. In terms of craftsmanship, the X70 series raises the bar when it comes to gloss, making the whole product look more stylish and elegant with the Fluorite AG.

However, those looking for a more artistic feature, the New Cloud Valley Design integrated creates a deep artistic conception when it comes to the visual experience. Furthermore, vivo’s X70 series are offered in two distinctive colors, Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn – both captivating and inspired by the universe and Northern Lights in the polar sky.

And if you’re looking for a device that provides efficient, immersive, and personalized experience, then the vivo’s X70 series has introduced the first-ever FunTouch OS 12 that incorporates all that. The new feature allows users to organize, customize and redefine how their home screens and apps are displayed without users opening the app, allowing them to customize their phone experience, and gaining quick access to what matters to them.


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