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Experience sublime bliss this New Year with Ananda at JA Manafaru’s Calm Spa Sanctuary

Meaning ‘joy’ or ‘blissfulness’ in Sanskrit, Ananda is a 120-minute, complete holistic experience of serenity, available exclusively at JA Manafaru.

As guests are welcomed into the Calm Spa Sanctuary, a haven of calm and tranquillity, they will consult with the expert therapist before being escorted to the Banyan Tree Garden. This space houses one of the oldest Banyan Trees on the island and just beyond is the shoreline, where waves lap as the sun begins to cool down en-route to sunset.

The invigorating experience begins with Pranayama, a unique sound therapy, combined with the sounds of sea waves and the island's breeze. This will be accented by the Tibetan singing bowl, preparing the soul for a deeper relaxation.

The second stage of the journey is the process of self-renewal. An Ayurvedic head massage followed by aromatherapy massage using warm herbal oils will help release stress and toxins, which relaxes the body and allows imbalances to be rectified.

To signal the conclusion of the treatment, a soothing herbal tea ritual will be performed to allow reflection on the year past and manifest goals ahead, before the guide will escort back to the Sanctuary.

Ananda costs just $220 with timings available for reserve from 3pm daily. To book, please visit:


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