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Finland showcases health security solutions and digital innovations at Arab Health

A delegation of Finnish healthcare companies is showcasing digital health innovations in collaboration with Business Finland at this year’s edition of Arab Health. Finland takes a holistic view of ensuring healthcare security, a concept which encompasses activities and measures that mitigate public health incidents to safeguard the health of populations and minimises the danger and impact of public health events. Private Finnish companies are presenting solutions that have had a significant impact in the prevention and treatment of the pandemic and other health emergencies.

Finland performed highly in the 2021 Global Health Security Index (GHS Index), placing first for the rapid response to and mitigation of the spread of an epidemic and third for commitments to improving national capacity, financing plans to address gaps and adherence to global norms. The country’s agile digital health industry and robust research platforms have enabled Finland to proactively develop and improve pioneering solutions that have contributed to the international fight against COVID-19.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared antimicrobial resistance (AMR) one of the top ten global public threats facing humanity in a 2021 fact sheet. The ongoing misuse and overuse of antimicrobials was named as one of the main drivers in the development of drug-resistant pathogens. Private Finnish companies are making strides in the more effective use of antimicrobial technologies in a bid to mitigate the rising risks of AMR both in Finland and globally.

As a leading country in sanitation and infection control, many of Finland’s private sector companies provided alternative hygiene solutions prior to COVID-19. For example, Genano’s air decontamination technology protects against the transmission of airborne microbes and offers 99.99 per cent efficacy against COVID-19. Genano’s units were deployed in the first isolation hospitals in Wuhan, China.

Already working with Dubai International Airport and Etihad Rail, surface protectant specialist Nanoksi’s new generation photocatalytic, self-disinfecting coating solution destroys pathogens and prevents the transmission of infectious diseases from coated surfaces.

Kari Klossner, Program Director of Smart Life Finland at Business Finland, explained the decision to exhibit at Arab Health and the importance of Finland’s participation in international healthcare events: “The last two years have been a time of rapid international growth for Finland’s healthcare sector, and it has been commended for the speed with which companies were able to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic. This year, we are proud to present a strong lineup of cutting-edge companies, many of which focus on vital areas of industry importance such as infection control, healthcare infrastructure, neuroscience and advanced technologies. Arab Health provides a unique platform for Finnish companies to strengthen their presence in the MENA region and beyond.

“A significant driver in Finland’s success within the healthcare sector over the past two decades has been the support for public-private partnerships. All key stakeholders across education, research and technology actively encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange as a way to ensure the country is well-prepared for current and future healthcare issues.”

In addition to Genano and Nanoksi, visitors to Finland’s stand at Arab Health will find Ecosir’s pneumatic waste collection system PWCS for cities, hospitals and elderly care; Seacapp’s critical communications and alerting SAAS platform; JedX Medcare’s first-grade type FFP2, FFP3, N95 and N99 respirator masks; Causalus’ DTx software solution, which enables the monitoring of drug administration, interactions, treatment response and adverse effects to tackle the problems of poly-pharmacy; Elitner’s revolutionary neurological treatment, Peripheral Nerve Hypofunction (PNH) therapy; Optomed’s AI-powered hand-held fundus cameras; PharmaOffice’s A1 Air mouth and nose masks and respirators and Manner’s tailored castor solutions. More information about each company can be found HERE.

Visitors can meet with the participating companies and explore healthcare solutions from Finland at Arab Health, at stand G30 in Hall H7.


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