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'Flowwow' Brings A New Way For Gifts & Flowers Delivery At The UAE

Hungarian based online-gifting marketplace expands its operations in MENA with UAE as a launchpad with an aim to attract local businesses

Flowwow uses UAE as a launchpad for its online gifting marketplace in the Middle East and North Africa region starting this month, just in time for Valentine's gifting season. The Hungarian company has invested up to $6 million into its expansion plans, seeking to offer clients products from local retailers that specialize in niche flowers, gifts, and pastries.

One of the company's core missions is to attract local brands to its marketplace, allowing them the ease of providing their special products to a broader range of customers across the country. Flowwow will provide the platform, marketing instruments, and other applicable tools that allow local brands to propel their market position with their unique product offering.

The customer-friendly mobile app allows clients to order various curated gift items, flowers, cakes, and other pastries, from jewelry to vintage apparel. The service offers maximum transparency to the suppliers and their clients. User-friendly interface along with handy tools simplifies the process of gift-giving, bringing it online and providing a high-standard customer service:

  • Same-day delivery

  • A photo of the end product prior to the delivery

  • A curated list of items from local brands

With Valentine's day around the corner, a popular time of gift exchange in the country, Flowwow hopes to gain traction from local crafting brands and new customers looking for unique gifting ideas for the season of love. Unlike other services, Flowwow offers a wide range of products from local brands, uniting them in the services marketplace. The selection of gifts and flowers, accompanied by real photographs, varies by composition, pricing, packaging, and location.

As a full-service marketplace connecting customers with local brands and businesses, Flowwow puts sellers at the heart of the business and provides them access to loyal and paying audiences. The company's mission is to help local entrepreneurs develop and scale their sales by providing a platform, marketing instruments, access to loyal repeat customers, and a community of like-minded sellers.

Flowwow was founded in 2014 and has been expanding globally for the past eight years into European, Brazilian, and CIS markets. Localization is the company's priority, at the same time, keeping the connection and user-friendly communication to anyone all over the world.


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