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Geltec Healthcare FZE officially rebrands as Bioventure Healthcare FZE

Region’s largest softgel capsules and tablets manufacturer to play key role in the UAE’s vision to become pharma hub and grow industrial sector

GlobalOne Healthcare Holding (GHH), Yas Holding’s Healthcare Division, announced the rebranding of its subsidiary Geltec Healthcare FZE as Bioventure Healthcare FZE, as part of its strategy to strengthen its business and drive growth in the pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing industry.

A strategic partner of multi-national companies and a key exporter to the U.S., Bioventure Healthcare FZE plans to expand the production capacity of its manufacturing plant by introducing new products such as oral solid tablets, capsules and sachets lines by 2023. This will lead to an increase in the company’s market share in the therapeutic categories of antihypertensive, anti-diabetes, anti-hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular (CV), gastroenterology, gastrointestinal (GIT) health, immunity, men and women’s health products, and other critical speciality products. It also plans to add more unique dosage forms to increase the range of delivery systems, with the aim of catering to the growing pharmaceutical needs of the UAE and the wider region.

The rebranding is aligned with GlobalOne Healthcare’s commitment to delivering healthcare outcomes and patient quality of life, as well as the UAE Government’s ‘Operation 300bn’. An initiative that aims to develop the country’s industrial sector and enhance its role in stimulating the national economy, ‘Operation 300bn’ is set to raise the industrial sector’s GDP contribution from AED 133 billion to AED 300 billion by 2031. Its primary focus is on future industries that implement advanced technology and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) solutions and applications aimed at sustainable development.

Ashraf Radwan, CEO of GlobalOne Healthcare Holding, said: “The rebranding reflects our role in the regional healthcare industry, while capturing our approach for the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing through innovation and advanced technologies deployment, in light of market growth expectations.”

Specialising in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products in soft gelatine capsules and gelatine-coated tablets, Bioventure Healthcare’s world-class production facility in Dubai has a manufacturing capacity of 1.5 billion units per annum, making it the largest soft gelatine capsule manufacturing and packaging facility in the region. It is approved by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and certified by GCC and European Union Good Manufacturing Practices.

“We will continue to invest in the future and the growth of the region’s healthcare industry, while ensuring a stable supply of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, as we strengthen our contribution to the economy and continuously improve access to quality healthcare,” Ashraf Radwan added.

In 2021, Bioventure Healthcare FZE (formerly known Geltec Healthcare FZE) was acquired by GlobalOne Healthcare Holding. Located at the National Industries Park in Dubai, the company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which is the largest soft gelatine capsule manufacturing and packaging facility in the region, and has plans to expand into various other dosage forms. Over the last two years, GlobalOne Healthcare also acquired WellPharma Medical Solutions, an IV solutions manufacturing plant, Gulf Inject, a leading player in the fluid management therapy, and Al Ittihad Drug Store (IDS), a major UAE pharmaceutical distributor. Together, this now makes GlobalOne Healthcare Holding among the top three regional players in medical distribution.


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