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Green Cola proves itself as “Product of the Year Gulf 2023”

Greek originated carbonated soft drink wins Green Beverages category for its nutritious and green criteria

Green Cola, a healthy carbonated soft drink developed by Green Beverages, has won Product of the Year Gulf, in the category of Green Beverages for the Year 2023. The event, which was organized by Product of the Year Gulf, took place on March 16th at Royal Mirage in Dubai. The award was received by Periklis Venieris, Founder/CEO and Armand Courson, Managing Director Middle East; in which Green Cola has been recognized for its innovation and ingredients.

The product is Greek in origin, currently present in 52 countries, and its Middle East share has scored a 25% of the global company shares, with plans to expand in the Middle East and Africa. The CSDs demand has proven to be stronger than other packaged beverage categories with Youngsters 15-30 are the main source of volume. The global market is currently estimated at € 270 billion.

Commenting on the award, Courson said: “We are very pleased to receive this award, which demonstrates Green Cola as an innovation in the CSD industry. Launching this product has been a strategic decision and reflects our mission in refreshing our consumers with the most refreshing, innovative & natural soft drinks. With a steady growth both in sales and market share, Green Cola has established its position in the soft drinks category.”

In 2012, Green Cola was launched as the first carbonated soft drink to be sweetened by stevia, combining a great taste with zero calories, no aspartame, no sugar, no artificial sugar substitutes or other health-compromising ingredients, no phosphoric acid and with caffeine extracted form green coffee beans. The uniqueness, innovation and authentic taste of Green Cola succeeded in gaining the preference of consumers.

To know more about Green Cola, please visit us on Instagram, Facebook, or even the website.


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