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Herman Miller Brings Freedom and Flexibility to the Workspace with Byne System

This month, Herman Miller launched Byne System™, a highly configurable workstation that supports change as it happens.

Byne System™ is our response to the realities of the modern workplace, as well as the needs of organisations dealing with change. Merging five products in one, Byne System™ is a highly configurable workstation that offers endless configuration opportunities. It brings all the best elements of four of Herman Miller’s best-loved workstations – Imagine, Optimis, Layout and Arras® ­– together with a new wooden leg style, Sylvain.

Stacy Stewart, Regional Director MEA at Herman Miller, “Through our research, Herman Miller realised the value of office furniture that can adapt in the face of changing rules, regulations, safety needs, as well as fluctuating project and team needs. There was also growing demand for customisation from our clients, and we believe Byne System brings that freedom and flexibility to the Workspace.”

Byne System™ begins with a robust base framework, with universal beams supporting the undercarriage. Users can build on this base with one of five leg options, from the minimalist Optimis to the elegance of Sylvain. Next, users can choose their work surface, combining Layout’s legs with the Arras® worktop, for example, or they could mix the Optimis leg with Layout’s work surface.

By giving organisations the freedom to choose everything from the legs and worktop to materials, finishes, screen types and tabletop set-up, Byne System™ supports maximum freedom when it comes to office planning and activities. This makes it ideal for traditional offices, open-plan collaborative spaces and semi-open spaces alike; and for organisations both large and small.

Byne System™ can even be configured in multiple ways within the same workspace. By mixing and matching different leg and table options, Byne System™ can be tailored to support a host of different workplace activities, from solo focus work through to interactive settings designed to foster collaboration and creativity.

Providing added flexibility is the toolbar, which works across all Byne System™ products. Raised above the worksurface, the toolbar keeps desk surfaces clean, while supporting screens, accessories, smart phones and more. Byne System™ also caters to current and future power needs, with thoughtfully positioned power channels and plenty of space for additional cables.

As well as answering the need for flexible, customisable furniture, Byne System™ was designed in response to another organisational need: the need for speedy office solutions that support workplace change as it happens. Based on existing systems and modular by nature, Byne System meets this need by streamlining the ordering and specifying process. It’s also easy to assemble and quick to install. Naturally agile, this five-in-one workstation is the perfect choice for organisations dealing with rapidly changing market conditions.


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