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Herman Miller Presents Passport, the Intuitive Height-Adjustable Table Designed to Fit Everywhere

Pneumatic Table Showcases Mobile Design that Maximizes Performance while Minimizing Footprint

Height-adjustable tables have become a staple in the home and office environment, offering users variety and comfort regardless of the tasks at hand. These pieces offer immense flexibility, but what if that flexibility could be pushed even further? What if a table could naturally provide more mobility, agility, and range, broadening its multi-use capabilities—creating an instant workspace? Herman Miller’s Passport, the brand’s newest table offering, is designed to do all of that—all while keeping space prioritization top of mind.

With the rise in hybrid working, shared office space and demand for innovative home office solutions, designers at Herman Miller saw an opportunity to reimagine the role of a height-adjustable table, resulting in a solution that is both effortlessly useful and endlessly flexible. Passport offers up the ideal, adaptable work surface solution that can perform in a wide variety of spaces including home, corporate and educational environments. Intentionally compact in design, Passport is large enough for the essentials but small enough for tight spaces. It’s available in two sizes, with enough surface space for a laptop, notebook, and even a favorite beverage. One of Passport’s most notable features is its untethered height-adjustable design that doesn’t require a plug or access to power—which, when paired with its single-column base and lightweight construction, enables the user to freely move Passport wherever and whenever it’s needed. Optional bag hooks or privacy screens expand its usage further—all without increasing the footprint.

“The future of work is a trending topic in our current climate,” says Ben Watson, President, Herman Miller. “But for Herman Miller, the convergence of work, life and play has always been central to how we design our products. Passport is the next addition to our portfolio that seeks to bring forth solutions that are agile, efficient, and fit for a variety of environments.”

In the home, Passport provides a powerful work surface with an expansive height range that takes up minimal space, offering an upgrade to customers outfitting multi-use or small home offices. In a workplace setting, the same attention to balancing function with footprint results in a multi-use piece with limitless potential. Passport combines mobility and adjustability to support an individual’s unique needs to accomplish work in any situation, whether serving as a quick place for touchdown work, offering a surface that can encourage movement throughout the day or even being pulled up for a small group discussion. Its compact profile means it can fit into unique spaces, further maximizing floorplates.

Both sizes of Passport will be available online at both Herman Miller and MillerKnoll dealers for contract customers. Finish and color options vary by region. The smaller version provides a height adjustment range of 12” with a 22 x 16” worksurface, while the larger version features a height adjustment range of 18" with a 28 x 20” worksurface and the option to swap out the casters for glides. Passport will be available in a wide range of finishes and colors, as well as additional customization available through accessories, including privacy screens and a bag hook.


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