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Huawei Launches Innovative Solutions to Find the Right Technology for the Right Scenario

Huawei also launches white paper aimed to help governments and enterprises better evaluate, design, and build data storage capabilities

On the second day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2022 Bangkok, Huawei launched a range of innovative infrastructure solutions to drive industry digitalization by finding the right technology for the right scenario. Industry stakeholders gathered and held discussions around the theme "Innovative Infrastructure to Unleash Digital", exploring the future directions and opportunities for industry digitalization. They analyzed the challenges of different industries striving to go digital, and Huawei introduced solutions supported by its technical strengths to help address these challenges.

The right technology for the right scenario: Making it easier to go the "last mile" of digitalization

Ryan Ding, President of Huawei Enterprise BG, said in his keynote speech "Empowering Industry, Creating Value" that "Deeper digital transformation will help companies better adapt to an ever-changing world."

According to Ding, using its connectivity, computing, and cloud technologies, Huawei is working with its partners to drive ongoing industry innovation and multi-tech synergy, creating scenario-based solutions for diverse customer needs. He added that this will create greater value and make it easier for customers to go the "last mile" of their digital transformation.

Key innovative technologies and stronger infrastructure to unleash the power of digital

Bob Chen, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise BG, discussed how multi-tech synergy is critical for finding the right technology for the right scenario. He explained in his keynote speech "Innovative Digital Infrastructure Accelerates Digital Transformation" that "Data is at the core of digital transformation, and data ingestion, transmission, storage, and analysis are key steps. Huawei provides full-stack products and product portfolios to support end-to-end data processing, accelerating customers' digital transformation."

Huawei Empower Program: Building a thriving digital ecosystem for global partners

At the event, Huawei launched the Huawei Empower Program, a global partner development plan, which is intended to help develop a thriving digital ecosystem for global partners. This program will help Huawei's partners build three types of capabilities to better serve customers: digital transformation consulting and planning, product and portfolio expertise, and solution development. Through this program, Huawei will conduct joint innovation with partners via OpenLabs, empower partners with a new framework, a new plan, and an integrated platform, and build a talent pool through the Huawei ICT Academy and Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP) programs. Huawei also announced that it would invest US$300 million in this program to support global partners in the next three years.

White Paper Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development

During the event, Huawei also officially released its white paper, Data Storage Power – The Digital Cornerstone of High-Quality Development. Examining the development of the storage industry, the white paper defines quantitative indicators to measure data storage capabilities and analyzes the current data storage landscape across different regions around the world. It aims to help governments and enterprises better evaluate, design, and build data storage capabilities.

Gu Xuejun, Vice President of Huawei IT Product Line, said: "The data storage capability is currently measured by capacity. However, with the rapid development of the industry and the emergence of new, diversified data services such as AI and big data, capacity alone is not enough to measure the future development and construction of storage systems. We need a more scientific definition and evaluation system to effectively measure data storage capabilities."

Gu added, "I consider this white paper to be a meaningful exploration that will generate more interest in promoting the development of the data storage industry. Only when data is well stored, quickly computed, and stably transmitted through networks can digital infrastructure unleash the value of data and better promote high-quality economic and social development."

To read the white paper, click here.

The three-day conference in Bangkok is the first stop on HUAWEI CONNECT's global tour in 2022. For the first time in the Middle East, Huawei will introduce its Huawei CONNECT global event to Dubai. The 2nd stop of Huawei Connect 2022 will be running in parallel with GITEX GLOBAL 2022 on October 11th and 12th at Madinat Jumeirah. At the event, Huawei will cover industry digitalization and the opportunities it brings, and how technologies like AI, Cloud and 5G are uncovering fresh value across all industries.


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