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Hyundai IONIQ 5-based Robotaxi: a step into the future

The transformation in the future of mobility can only be achieved by the constant search for ways to quicken our vision of 'progress for humanity’. With leading the new wave of autonomous technologies, we aim to devote our attention to developing the future of robotics and continue on our long journey.

Hyundai Motor Company's Robotics LAB has been devoted to the continuous research and development of robots based on Hyundai’s vision of progress for humanity. After years of experience, our effort comes with surprises of what technology can provide for us.

When we partnered with motional, the global leader in autonomous technologies and a developer of AVs, we aspired to expand the possibilities of combining our smart mobility solutions with motional’s innovative technologies in autonomous driving and robotics. The merged effort has resulted in the birth of the IONIQ 5 robotaxi, as the model for a safe, reliable, and accessible mobility solution that can transform our expectations of the future of smart mobility technologies.

We aim to achieve our next step in the concept of smart cities, by the mass production and commercialization of the IONIQ 5 robotaxi on a global scale. The fast growth in smart city infrastructure is opening new opportunities to reduce traffic and make a safer and greener driving experience, to eventually improve the quality of life for everyone.

As we observe the shift towards sustainable smart cities, we stand to commend the development that cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are taking on, as being ranked as the smartest cities in the MENA region according to the 'Smart City Index 2021'. We are looking to expand the impact by mass-producing our mobility solutions to accelerate the transition in the region.

The expectations of what technologies are offering to us are changing fast and unpredictably. But what we wish for is that it is always for the benefit of humanity. Our plans in the area of autonomous technologies are not limited to the automotive applications but extend to reach further possibilities such as investing in logistics robots to enhance efficiency and establish logistics automation as well as service robots, which have broad usage potential beyond commercial use in areas such as public security and safety, and other sophisticated services such as caregiving for patients at hospitals.


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