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Meisterstück Selection Soft

Montblanc introduces a new collection, with bold new shapes, ingenious constructions with external functionalities, all in a softer leather

An alternative expression of Montblanc’s signature leather goods collection, Meisterstück Selection Soft is crafted from a new softer leather with shapes and functions that mirror the lifestyles of a new generation seeking on-the-go convenience and the versatility of multi-functional pieces. The collection differs from the Maison’s core signature Meisterstück collection in that functional elements such as compartments and organization solutions have been moved to the outside of each piece, rather than remaining hidden on this inside, besides a new softer leather.

“This collection is above all about creating a seamless, practical experience for a younger Montblanc customer, giving them easier access to what they need on the outside of the bag. The shapes are modern and bold, and the soft matte leather enhances the look and feel, without the pieces losing their shape.” says Marco Tomasetta, Montblanc Artistic Director.

The hero piece of the collection, the 24/7 Bag, was designed with a focus on versatility. A hybrid between a tote, a document case and a duffle, it can be carried as a bag or worn as a backpack with plenty of options for external storage. Medium leather pieces include a Messenger, Sling Bag and a Pouch, convenient compact shapes created for everyday adventures. The small leather goods in the assortment – a Wallet and a Key Pouch – feature a removable leather strap so that they can be safely secured to a bag. The strap itself can also be used as a Key Fob on its own.

The stylish detailing throughout the collection is consistent with the design codes of the Meisterstück line with references to the Maison’s iconic creation – the Meisterstück writing instrument. The language of the nib is referenced in the leather details on the bags themselves as well as the leather zip puller in the shape of the nib. The collection sees the introduction of a Montblanc emblem in a larger size, inspired by the Montblanc Heritage writing instrument collection.

Meisterstück Selection Soft offers casual elegance and functionality to those in the fast lane, with a nod to a heritage of craftsmanship that is the beating heart of Montblanc leather goods.

Meisterstück Selection Soft is available from April 2022 at Montblanc boutiques worldwide and online. For more information visit


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