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Meraki Introduces a Romantic Dinner Experience this Valentine's Day

Meraki, the one and only contemporary Greek concept offering the finest Mediterranean experience in a stylish and authentic setting in Riyadh, is proud to announce a special romantic dinner experience on Tuesday 14th February, in celebration of Valentine's Day. The dinner is inspired by the love story of Penelope and Odysseus from the heart of Santorini.

The menu, designed to share and awaken the senses, features a signature welcome drink and a range of tantalizing dishes that celebrate the warm and generous hospitality of Greece, in Riyadh. With a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, Chef Sanjay Dwivedi has crafted a menu that will impress even the most discerning of diners.

The signature welcome drink options include "Penelope is Waiting," a refreshing blend of pineapple and orange juice, coconut cream, and cinnamon syrup, or "Odysseus has a Date," a zesty mixture of lemon and grapefruit juice, Amaretti cordial, dates, orange, and ginger.

Appetizers include Seabass Ceviche with tomato, avocado, and chive, Santorini Salad with capper, preserved lemon, goat cheese, and carob rusk, Pastitsio with Paccheri pasta, slow-braised beef, and Graviera black truffle, and Grilled Manouri with Manouri cheese, Greek thyme honey, and black sesame.

For the main course, guests can savor the truffle orzo, made with Greek orzo pasta, truffle pesto, honey goat cheese, and fresh truffle, or the lamb chops with oregano, smoked eggplant, and feta cheese. The caper seabream is another main course option, featuring a seabream fillet with caper sauce, cline, and lime.

The dinner concludes on a sweet note with the chocolate mousse Igias, a rich dessert made with chocolate mousse and rose water jelly, topped with orange sorbet.

Founded and created by the Waney brothers, the creators of La Petit Maison, Zuma, Roka, Coya and other world-class restaurants, Meraki celebrates the warmth and generosity of the Greek hospitality featuring exclusive menu with signature dishes, special flavors, Mediterranean-sharing plates and best fish dishes. Meraki's culinary team is led by Chef Sanjay Dwivedi, who has a long expertise in creating outstanding gastronomic experiences with exclusive dishes that impress seasoned foodies.

At the heart of Riyadh in Faisaliah hotel, join us this Valentine's Day for an unforgettable romantic dinner at Meraki, and discover the warmth and generosity of Greek hospitality. You can always blame Meraki for falling in love!

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