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Mercedes-AMG Engine Oil, the best choice for high-performance cars

The Mercedes AMG Motor Oil is developed for use in high-performance engines in passenger cars, to provide good engine protection even under heavy loads.

In particular, the Mercedes AMG engine oil was developed for use in the high-performance engines of the Mercedes AMG factory tuner.

The Genuine Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Engine Oil is a major factor to maintain the best condition of the engine and the longevity of its performance.

The engine is at the very heart of every vehicle. Since the internal components of the engine are constantly subjected to extremely high temperatures and friction, genuine Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Engine Oil features fast oil circulation in the whole engine at low temperatures, protects the engine from wear and corrosion, provides longer usability, and lowers your fuel consumption. Most importantly, it was developed by the same engineering team who built the engines, making this team know what’s best for them.

The Genuine Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Engine Oil is valid at the Mercedes-Benz workshop in the Industrial area, in addition to the Express Service centres in Al Gharrafa and Al Mana petrol station.

Customers can now book an appointment by calling the service centre on 4496 0000.

Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles has built its success by establishing solid, longstanding relationships with its customers, and by offering a wide range of quality products. As a brand name, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is deeply associated with a history of premium quality service and market leadership. Established in 1957, Nasser Bin Khaled Automobiles is Qatar’s exclusive distributor of three of the world’s most respected, iconic brands: Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG.


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