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Modern icons: Loro Piana’s Baseball Cap

Not many garments are destined to become truly iconic. When this happens, we find ourselves faced with something extraordinary, uniting people and spheres that are apparently far apart. A new legend has found a place for itself in the world of Loro Piana accessories: the Baseball Cap.

Like other hats with protective and ornamental visors, which once formed part of uniforms before becoming fashion items in the 1960s, the Baseball Cap simultaneously conceals and reveals the look, the soul of each of us. It is thus an expression of a modern romanticism.

The Loro Piana Baseball Cap was originally created in Borgosesia in 2005 to accompany the Horsey jacket during equestrian events, and then to be worn by athletes during regattas or golf competitions. Its carefully crafted design, attention to detail and choice of materials have brought the expertise that has distinguished the maison for six generations to sportswear. Its style, innovation, functionality and comfort have made it an iconic garment, capable of cutting across different trends, generations and genders.

Loro Piana’s six-segment Baseball Cap is made from a selection of the maison’s fine and distinctive fabrics, making it truly unique to the touch. The various models include the classic folding design in Wind microfibre treated with Storm System® – a process created in 1994 to transform the finest materials into water and wind resistant fabrics. Versions are also available in cashmere drap, Baby Cashmere, vicuña or velvet cashmere, treated with Storm System® and with a wool and cashmere flannel lining and seamless front, encapsulating the essence of the brand’s expertise. The fashion house also offers a Baseball Cap in cashmere jersey with a compact, felt-like weave, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is guaranteed to seduce you with the versatility of the jersey, mixed with the finest yarns, to ensure an ultra-comfortable fit, with unique characteristics.

This iconic garment succeeds in renewing itself from one season to the next, without ever detracting from its aesthetic appeal. Not only is it a highly versatile piece today, but it also reinforces its cultural relevance, making it an absolute must in every wardrobe.

Sporty and contemporary, timeless and refined, the Loro Piana Baseball Cap is the symbol of a maison that has made casual, effortless elegance its signature, recognised the world over.

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