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Oblong Contemporary presents Movement by Antonio Signorini

“Art is the universal language that brings all people together” - Antonio Signorini

Italian artist Antonio Signorini exhibits Movement, - his first solo exhibition in Dubai at Oblong Contemporary Gallery that will run from the 9th of February till the 31st of March 2022. His remarkable nine-year artistic practice has taken him on a quest to understand ancient cave art and translate the archetypal human journey into dynamic three-dimensional sculptures.

Having received a local residency in the UAE, Signorini splits his time between a bustling foundry in Florence and his art-filled flat located in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. His solo exhibition at Oblong Contemporary will mark the first-time figures from “The Warriors” and “The Dancers” series. This melodious interaction in one space brings about a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. A yin and yang perfection.

“To me, this a big thing,” he explains. “From the beginning, I’ve always imagined presenting them as one complete artwork, but I’ve never shown them together until now.” Viewers experiencing the unpredictable peaks and valleys of being human will resonate with the sculptures on an active molecular level.

In addition to exhibiting rare paintings by Signorini, Movement will also include experimental new additions from the landmark “Flying Horses” series. In every culture the horse symbolizes a distinct form of unparalleled power—from wealth and freedom in Native American lore to the animal embodiment of grace and elegance in ancient Arabian civilization.

The “Flying Horses” appearing at Oblong Contemporary introduce a bespoke new white patina—a mixture of ceramic paint and marble powder—which has been added to the bronze.

Signorini explains, “The ceramic paint is also used for aircrafts and supercars. It absorbs into the pores of the bronze and seals them. The sculptures are not only a perfect white, but they are beautifully smooth to touch.” These horses are not shackled to traditional gallery plinths but instead appear to float over a stainless-steel pedestal, as though mid-gallop across the ever-shifting sand dunes that lie in wait just beyond Dubai’s dazzling urban sprawl.

Exhibition Details -

Exhibition: Movement by Antonio Signorini

Dates: 9th February - 31st March 2022

Location: Oblong Contemporary Gallery, BlueWaters Island, Dubai

Timings: 10am - 10pm, everyday

For more detail on the exhbition and the gallery:

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