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OPPO Celebrates World Emoji Day by Inspiring Users to Create Their Own ‘Omoji’

OPPO is celebrating World Emoji Day by inspiring users to express themselves and their unique style with one of the features of ColorOS 12 – the OPPO ‘Omoji’. The Omoji enables the bold and fun to get creative with a 3D animated emoji.

For those who would like to show the world how they are feeling in a more customised way, the OPPO Omoji offers them the perfect smooth, detailed version of themselves! Boosted by OPPO’s industry-leading Face Capture algorithm, an OPPO Omoji is the ultimate avatar, suited for every generation of smartphone users.

Tarek Zaki, Senior Product Manager of OPPO MEA said: “In today’s world, emojis offer a form of self-expression which caters to new generations’ desire to be unique and channel their energy through their smartphones. As we celebrate World Emoji Day, we encourage OPPO users to embrace their individuality and interests, embodying their real identities through the miniature, animated character replicas we call Omojis.”

Both accurate and authentic, the OPPO Omoji is easy to create, too. All users need to do is go to Account under Settings, create a profile and adjust the ten different parameters designed to help them customise their look such as Skin, Hair, Eyes, and Nose. Plus, there are over 200 stylistic accessories to choose from – so there is no mood that cannot be captured with an Omoji!

Users can set their Omoji as a profile picture and add it to their Always-On Display to make the most of the fantastic feature. With OPPO Omoji’s advanced face algorithm, the most subtle movements are mimicked in full liveliness. OPPO Omojis are available on all smartphone models with ColorOS 12 on board from December 2021 onwards.

Happy Emoji Day, from OPPO to the world!


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