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OPPO Encourages Users to Find Moments Of Calm in 2023 with O Relax

The new year often brings resolutions that can add pressure to an already busy and demanding period. To help counter this and find pockets of peace, global technology brands OPPO urges users to also prioritize wellness.

Alongside a smarter and more secure operating experience with added personalisation, the ColorOS 12.1 on OPPO’s Reno8 Pro 5G includes various features that satisfy users’ needs including O Relax, an OPPO-exclusive application that allows users to experience moments of calm and tranquillity with their smartphone.

As another new year begins, it comes with pressure to overhaul and revamp yourself with daunting goals. To help manage those lofty resolutions, O Relax offers a massive selection of different audio files suitable for helping users create their own audio environment paradise, whether it’s for help falling asleep, relaxing, or meditating. Ranging from soothing music tracks to ambient sounds of nature, the sounds enable users to clear the mind and reset focus in times they need an escape from surroundings. White noise is a crucial part of this offering, which is proven to block out distracting sounds and deliver those moments of calm.

As an industry leader in sound technology, with a rich history in audio production, OPPO knows the impact that sound can have on our feelings and emotions, ever since it released its first MP3 player in 2005. That’s what makes O Relax such an important feature, and why it’s been built into ColorOS 12.1 available on the Reno8 Pro 5G.

One of O Relax’s key features is Sounds of the City, which offers users high-quality ambience sounds recorded from daily occurrences across six iconic cities around the world including Reykjavik, Beijing, and Tokyo, perfect for people experiencing post-vacation blues. The feature presents lively sounds such as the hustle and bustle of a busy subway to calming and quiet sounds like the pitter-patter of rain on a windowsill enabling users to block out the chaos of life and immerse themself in a calming experience.

Additionally, O Relax’s deep breathing exercises and relaxation games are designed for users to feel calm. Through the combination of audio and haptic feedback, the games can help users to regulate their breathing, can calm and focus the mind through touch and response, or simply offer a more tactile, screen-free experience if preferred. Users can explore the fun games available to find calming and satisfying ways to fully unwind.

A new year often comes with new resolutions, goals, and dreams, but that often leads to unnecessary worry, pressure, or stress. Take a step back and prioritize personal wellbeing with OPPO’s O Relax. Enjoy relaxing sounds and deep breathing exercises with the Reno8 Pro 5G that help relieve stress and sharpen focus.


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