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Property Finder Reveals Top Real Estate Trends at Cityscape Qatar

Property Finder, Qatar’s leading property portal, recently participated in Cityscape Qatar Talks 2022, held under the theme "Sustainable, Resilient, Affordable and Liveable" to showcase how these key themes are shaping the country's real estate sector.

During the conference, Property Finder Qatar Country Manager, Afaf Hashim, shared insights part of the Cityscape Intelligence Talks 2022, sharing a presentation under the topic Top Real Estate Trends in Qatar Market." The information provided included a view on the latest trends, as well as on the challenges faced by the market and key information that investors should know prior to venturing into real estate.

"Property Finder operates both as a reference and authority on the real estate sector in the region," said Hashim, "and it is our responsibility to contribute to improving market standards and best practices," she added. "As a data-driven company, we are heavily focused on providing in-depth market insights backed by facts," she explained. "Our trends and forecasts are based on studies and data collected from our website," concluded Hashim.

“As a reference and authority on the property sector in the region, Property Finder upholds its responsibility to contribute to improving market standards and best practices very seriously, which is one of the reasons why our plethora of data gives us a unique insight into the local property market,” commented Afaf Hashim, Property Finder Qatar Country Manager.

As a part of their continuous efforts Raise awareness and promote transparency within the real estate market, Property Finder Qatar releases each year its annual 'Trends' report, which includes a complete analysis of the market, pricing trends, consumer behaviour, predictions and upcoming projects. The latest report is available to download on the portal's website


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