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Cutting-edge property management software has been developed and launched by a Dubai-based company. Manage My Property is the only property management firm in Dubai that uses this new, bespoke business process management application, which boasts 125 automated processes that streamline the complexities of property management and significantly reduce the risk of human error.

The software allows for a seamless property management experience enabling landlords to accelerate the rental process and save valuable time and money. It allows a safe and digital archive of all documents protected by the highest level of firewalls. Certified with ISO 27001 standard, recognised worldwide to indicate that the software is aligned with information security best practices.

Alongside the software, MMP also provides a dedicated account manager combining advanced technology with human and financial intelligence to provide a market-leading service to landlords and investors.

Marcello Arcangeli, CEO of Manage My Property says, “Our new software enables to accelerate the rental process and save time and money. In addition, each landlord enjoys a personal service starting with a dedicated professional property manager that can handle everything from inventory to Ejari to photoshoots, the connection of utilities and more.

“We have a vested interest in ensuring all landlords see maximum ROI, and this has led to MMP securing over AED400 million in rental yield over the past 16 years. Our professionalism is evidenced by having 98% average occupancy and zero insolvency cases and we are proud to have our ongoing success recognised as MMP was named the top property management firm in Dubai in January 2023”

Annual real estate transactions in the Dubai crossed half a trillion dirhams for the first time in 2022, a significant 76.5% increase over 2021. This incredible milestone demonstrates the robustness of Dubai’s real estate sector post pandemic but has also given rise to hundreds of opportunity seekers setting up property management firms in the market in the last 12 months alone. These firms lack experience and knowledge of Dubai’s property sector and the laws that govern it, which could ultimately spell disaster or create unnecessary challenges for investors and landlords.

Arcangeli comments, “Investors eager to capitalise on Dubai’s vibrant real estate sector should seek out property management firms with a proven track record of success, so their property ownership and management experiences are hassle-free, and they enjoy maximum ROI right from the off. Investors must remember to do their due diligence on the firm they wish to work with, and make sure it has the capabilities and structure to ensure all their needs are met.”

MMP is driven by its founders who are 30+ year international veterans of the investment advisory segment and are thus uniquely positioned to advise investors on Dubai’s real estate sector. Investors can rest assured that every business decision is made with the goal of generating maximum ROI.

Since its inception in 2007, MMP has earned a reputation for trust and reliability, and has successfully cultivated long-term partnerships with a diverse mix of clients around the world, spanning an impressive average of eight years. The firm’s mantra is make investments more profitable with the least headaches for investors.


To know more visit or watch a short video of Marcello speaking exclusively with TV presenter Katie Overy HERE.


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