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“It’s always worth reiterating that the client is at the heart of everything we do. Every conversation. Every decision. They are the crux of our business and that’s why we are rightfully celebrating our global success as Whispers Engagement Champion. When we consider the vast global array of world-class dealerships, and the recent global challenges that have impacted the industry, we must recognise the significance of providing a seamless, luxury experience for new Rolls-Royce clients.”

Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai, AGMC has sprung into the summer season with another brace of accolades, highlighting the dealership’s profoundly customer-centric approach. The UAE-based dealer was named Whispers Engagement Champion, acknowledging an outstanding approach to reaching a new level of client liaison, with regards to both digital and in-person communication. In addition, the Dubai-based facility was named Regional Dealer of the Year 2021.

Whispers is the digital House of Rolls-Royce. Accessible anywhere, at any time for Rolls-Royce clients only, it is the marque’s gateway to a curated world of luxury. Launched in 2020, the Whispers platform offers transformative experiences, rare and desirable products, and exclusive Rolls-Royce previews that are delivered directly to the fingertips of the global community.

The Whispers application was of utmost importance during the pandemic period, as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai sought ways to connect with clients and provide them with added value services to elevate their overall experience with the marque. The dealership has been proactively using Whispers since its launch, with consistently positive feedback shared by clients.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars hosted the annual World Dealer Awards, held at The Home of Rolls‑Royce, Goodwood, marking outstanding contributions and achievements by global dealer partners over the past calendar year. The awards presentation is a seminal highlight of the annual World Dealer Conference, which gathers around 250 colleagues from every corner of the globe.

This year, the global awards were presented by Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, and Henrik Wilhelmsmeyer, Director of Sales and Brand. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai also received a special an honourable mention as a runner-up for the Social Media Award. This reflects the award-winning dealer striving to provide both clients and fans with the stories of craftsmanship and beauty behind Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, resulting in an increase of followers and enhanced engagement.


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