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Samsung launches innovative payment and digital wallet solution in Qatar

Customers can now use Samsung Wallet to complete all their payments via a single app for ease, convenience and security

Samsung Gulf Electronics has announced the launch of Samsung Wallet in Qatar, a digital wallet solution that allows mobile payment services and more.

Mandar Karkhanis, Head of MX Sales, Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “It is with great excitement that we launch Samsung Wallet in Qatar. The app supports advanced digital payments solutions while acting as a trusted source for our customers to store all of their prized documents and information into a single, secure and convenient wallet. Our customers in the country will now have access to a truly seamless mobile experience like no other.”

Samsung Wallet is a quick, easy and secure way for users to complete payments. It will be equipped with additional features in the near future including storing sensitive documents such as from IDs, electronic keys, boarding passes – with just one swipe. As Samsung continues to collaborate with a variety of trusted partners and developers, the capabilities of Samsung Wallet will continue to grow.

The Samsung Wallet platform is protected by strong hardware and Samsung’s Knox-based security technology to safely store sensitive information in device, including fingerprint recognition and encryption to make sure users’ important data are protected. It also replaces sensitive data with unique identification symbols which offers an extra layer of protection against potential digital and physical hacking attempts.


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