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See The Night Clearer Than Ever with OPPO’s Find X5 Series Equipped with OPPO’s Self-Designed

Why shouldn’t we be able to capture the night as clear as we see it with the naked eye? The deep rich hues, the silhouettes and details that we are not able to convey in an image or video to remember that moment forever.

Global technology brand, OPPO, took this challenge straight on – changing the world of smartphone imagining technology as we know it by creating the brand’s very first self-designed cutting-edge Imaging NPU, MariSilicon X.

Smartphone imaging technology has now developed to a point in which lightweight and thin formfactor poses a major challenge. Consumers need for more compact devices places significant restrictions on components such as sensors and lenses, which generally deliver better performance the larger they are. In order to bring about another leap in smartphone imaging technology, a new approach was needed, and OPPO believed that computational photography was the most proven approach.

MariSilicon X has been primarily designed based on OPPO's needs when it comes to computational photography, with a focus on delivering advanced computing power, high power efficiency, and fast processing speed to deliver unprecedented imaging enhancements.

After a very long and difficult process, with countless hours of trial and error, MariSilicon X was created and showcased at OPPO’s INNO Day 2021. Named after the world deepest trench, Mariana sh, OPPO could always remember that there is never an end in designing the best products for users.

MariSilicon X is a cutting-edge imaging NPU built on 6nm process technology and is the most advanced imaging engine on the market, supporting up to 4K resolution video with HDR AI Night Video, live previews, RAW domain processing and Enhanced RGBW Pro Mode. Furthermore, MariSilicon X delivers AI video processing speeds 20 times faster that its counterparts, at 4 times the resolution, and all in lossless RAW format.

The imaging NPU can be found at the heart of the Find X5 Pro, the latest premium offering by the global technology powerhouse. The Find X5 Pro is the result of a decade’s worth of research and development in mobile camera systems culminating in a smartphone that offers a four times improvement in perceived night video resolution, less grain and superior colour reproduction, making 4K Ultra Night Video possible for the first time on an Android smartphone, with each frame as clean as a still photo.

Thanks to its large computing power and high data throughput, MariSilicon X revolutionizes the image processing pipeline to achieve real-time processing in the RAW domain at the pixel level. With MariSilicon X, more detail can be preserved in images compared with the conventional image pipeline, opening up a whole new world for computational photography.


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