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Shell Lubricants Middle East hosts industrial seminar

To showcase Shell’s latest developments, Shell Lubricants Middle East in partnership with United Motors & Heavy Equipment (UMHE) hosted an industrial seminar for customers in Abu Dhabi. The event witnessed over 100 participants from different sectors such as construction, fleet and general manufacturing.

Keeping pace with the rapid developments in the heavy machinery sector, coupled with changes in technical requirements, the seminar showcased Shell’s diverse portfolio of lubricant solutions, while also introducing guests to Shell’s recently rolled out the LubeAdvisor feature that uses wearable technology, to support customers in optimizing their lubricants operations to significantly reducing fleet maintenance and operational costs.

The sessions at the industrial seminar were led by Shell Lubricants representatives, Khaled Seif, Middle East Lubricants Marketing Director, Tarkan Guclu, UAE Lubricants Sales Manager, Dileep Sreedharan, UAE Lubricants Technical Advisor, Ahmed Gawdat, Middle East B2B Lubricants Marketing Manager, Khalifa Saif Darwish Al Ketbi, Managing Director of UMHE and Afaf Al Kontar, Chief Operating Officer of UMHE.

During the seminar, Shell highlighted the brand’s premium products including Rimula premium range that maintains engine cleanliness and allows for a more extended ODI and longer engine life. Discussions also included the industrial portfolio offered by Shell Lubricants, including Hydraulic, grease, compressor, gear and transmission oils.

The session also covered the importance of identifying and pursuing a sustainable approach when it comes to lubricants and highlighted how Shell Sustainable solutions works on decreasing carbon footprint using premium products and services through extending ODIs, fuel economy, carbon neutral products and optimization of machine idling.

In addition, the seminar provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss their challenges in lubrication and solutions with leading technical experts who shared insights and solutions to help address these challenges.

“As a global brand with a strong local and regional footprint, Shell is committed to utilizing our access to global expertise and share knowledge with our customers and partners, and this seminar is an ideal platform for us to connect, engage and learn more. The Lube Advisor feature using wearable technology is one of many advanced technologies that we have invested in and have started to roll out to customers in the Middle East region. Today, we are excited for the opportunity to meet with our customers and highlight how important these technologies are,” said Khaled Seif, Middle East Lubricants Marketing Director.

“Our partnership with UMHE enables us to expand our value proposition in the UAE’s capital and serve our customers efficiently and effectively and this seminar is a testament to our ambition. This partnership also allows us to meet the increasing demand for high quality lubricants and enhance product accessibility for our growing customer-base,” he added.

Afaf Al Kontar, Chief Operating Officer of UMHE, said: “We appreciate Shell’s efforts in hosting this session and knowledge sharing, and look forward to participating in more events that will allow us to engage with our customers across Abu Dhabi and Al Ain”.


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