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Snoonu Launched Chill Spots to Ensure Riders’ Health and Safety during the Summer

“Chill Spots” around Doha enable all delivery bike drivers to rest and cool down between deliveries

Qatar's leading tech start-up, Snoonu, launched Snoonu-branded “Chill Spots” for bike riders to rest and rehydrate in areas covering all Doha as part of its commitment to staff welfare and ensuring the bikers’ comfort and safety during the summer months and throughout the year.

In line with its continuous innovative efforts in improving working conditions for its “superheroes” during the summer, Snoonu developed indoor and airconditioned “Chill Spots” for bike drivers to rest and rehydrate in between deliveries. Spread around Doha. Designed and operated by Snoonu, each Chill Spot is equipped with seats, charging stations, water fountains, and a fridge full of soft drinks and snacks. Access to the Chill Spots, snacks, and beverages is complimentary.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Hamad Al Hajri, CEO & Founder of Snoonu, stated: “Summer heat is tough on bikers and can lead to heatstroke and dehydration, posing health and safety risk to everyone on the road. At Snoonu, we spare no effort to protect our riders and ensure the best possible working conditions. To support our superheroes during the summer, we decided to set up “Chill Spots” around Qatar to enable all delivery drivers to chill and protect themselves from the heat between deliveries.”

He added, "We are extremely grateful for all our partners who supported us in this innovative initiative aimed at protecting not only Snoonu bikers, but also all members from the biking community in Qatar."

Snoonu is the first Qatari one-stop-shop application, facilitating online shopping, lifestyle, food, grocery delivery, and third-party logistics services for start-ups and SMEs in Qatar. In addition to offering its customers a seamless service and speedy deliveries for their items, the company is a pioneer, contributing to the development of the local tech economy by encouraging innovation and revolutionizing local online services.


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