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Snoonu Participates in the ‘National Product Week’ Initiative

Snoonu’s contribution comes as part of its corporate social responsibility commitment and ongoing efforts to further support local companies

Qatar’s leading tech start-up, Snoonu, is pleased to announce its participation at the “National Product Week” initiative, aimed at supporting local companies as part its commitment towards Qatar’s community.

The National Product Week initiative, inaugurated under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with Qatar Development Bank, and aims to support Qatari companies and SME’s by promoting their products in various means. Held from 13th to 19th March, the initiative is line-up with a series of events, activities, and a conference bringing together prominent stakeholders contributing to the national economy to further discuss topics related to local products.

As part of the contribution, Hamad Al-Hajri, founder and CEO of Snoonu, participated in a series of key industry talks in a panel discussion titled ‘Connecting businesses with the public.’ Al-Hajri stressed the importance of shifting to online platforms to accommodate consumer behavioural changes. In his talk, Al Hajri also discussed how Snoonu is shifting their focus online by promoting national products through the Snoonu app, a fast-track approach, in lieu of dark stores, and face-to-face engagement.

Snoonu’s commitment to social responsibility went one-step further pledging to take local brands along its expansion. Their contribution to the initiative was supported by a signing ceremony that took place in the Snoonu office on Wednesday March 16th, 2022. The ceremony was also attended by various other local brands such as Baladna, Mazraaty, Al Rayyan Water, Al Tahaluf, QFM and Qbake who attended and discussed Snoonu’s expansion and support to local products.

Hamad Al-Hajri, Snoonu CEO, said “We are honoured to be an active supporter of this year’s ‘National Product Week’ initiative, and to contribute towards developing our local economy. This initiative is highly important for entrepreneurs and to shed light on the challenges that local businesses are currently facing. Snoonu re-iterates its commitment to further supporting all local merchants’ services and products,” he added.

As part of Snoonu’s active community involvement, last year the company launched their ‘Love Local’ Initiative by adding an option to its app for “Love Local” dedicated to showcasing local offers, events and dining options. The ‘Love Local’ initiative was a line-up of programs and activities that was aimed to help small businesses recover from financial losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to build awareness of the importance of shopping and dining local to support small businesses and community organisations which are the backbone of Qatar’s economy.

Snoonu is Qatar's home-grown success story that aims to be the first local Unicorn company – a privately held startup company with a value of over $1 billion. With over 300,000 users, Snoonu plans to expand and diversify its offering by adding new features and services to its platform, with a goal to enter international markets, including the Middle East and CIS.


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