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Unlock The Key To Resolution Success With The OPPO Band 2

2023 will be the year where resolutions last, thanks to the OPPO Band 2. Equipped with an ultra-clear large screen, colorful watch faces, two-color strap design, and a full range of health-based functionalities, it’s the only device needed to smash those New Year resolutions with ease.

For fitness beginners or enthusiasts, the band supports 100 workout modes and auto-detection of 4 modes: walking, running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine. Moreover, the OPPO Band 2 includes improved health modes including a tennis mode that can record 5 types of data including strokes, racket swings, activity duration, heart rate, and calories burned.

The smart gadget offers an upgraded running functionality, with heart rate monitoring that will help users run safely and efficiently while users can also stay up to date on their exciting data through the HeyTap Health App for increased motivation on their progress.

The OPPO Band 2 has a 1.57-inch ultra-clear large screen with a pixel density of 302 PPI, a screen-to-body ratio 47% higher than the previous generations, and an over 74% larger display area, making interactions simpler and easier. The screen brightness is up to 500 nits, ensuring a clear display even in strong outdoor light.

With its comprehensive health monitoring function, the OPPO Band 2 detects heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, providing warnings if the heart rate becomes too high, with vibrations sent through the watch during irregular heartbeats. This safety feature allows users to regulate their training pace and receive accurate records of their health.

To maintain a healthy sleep cycle, the OPPO Band 2 features the OSleep sleep tracking function, which specialized in setting sleep schedules, monitoring sleeping phases and oxygen levels, and assessing snoring risks allowing users to have a better understanding of their sleep cycles and can help them develop healthier sleep habits. The band also includes all-day heart rate monitoring, real-time stress monitoring and warning, water drinking reminders, and more to help users consistently stay healthy.

In tandem, the OPPO Band 2 works as a smart life assistant and an extension of the user’s smartphone, with features allowing them to set bedtime alarms, check the weather, set timers, and much more, all on their wrist. Finally, with a battery life of up to 14 days, and fast charging features, the OPPO Band 2 only requires an hour to fully charge, ensuring a continuous smart experience.

OPPO Band 2 with upgraded professional sleep, workout, and health functionality, is available to purchase at a retail price of AED 219. For more information, visit


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