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vivo V23 Series: four features to watch out for!

As the smartphone market is flooding with different devices each month, consumers are on the lookout for the “the next big thing”. In fact, people are now more inclined when mobile manufacturers produce captivating features, cutting-edge designs, and high-quality specs, as it gives them an array of choices.

vivo has introduced its latest V device, the V23 series, that includes new and fascinating features for consumers to enjoy and feel delighted while capturing their best moments. Whether it’s seeking a device that can match your everyday style or capture high-quality images and videos, vivo has listened closely to its customers, and implemented new modes to its flagship device.

Here are the V23 series’ top four features to know about:

The Best Front Camera

If you ever thought that taking a group selfie is impossible, well, better to think again. That’s right, the V23 series is equipped with a front camera lens that allows more than two people to be in a picture!

The dual front camera feature in V23 5G includes an 8MP 105° Super Wide-Angle camera, offering a much larger field-of-view. In addition, the enhanced capabilities of AI Extreme Night Portrait mode are also available on the Super Wide-Angle Camera, allowing users to take better super wide-angle portraits even in the dark.

Personalize your back cover with the V23 5G

As we start seeing an array of different colors in mobile devices, vivo has decided to create a color changing scheme within its V23 5G device, allowing consumers to gain two colors in one device!

This means, the Sunshine Gold edition has a color-changing back panel that can be done under the sun in about 30 seconds. The edition goes from a light ice blue, pink, orange finish to a blue-green gradient look. However, over time the color will slowly fade back to its original shade, especially in darker atmospheres.

Say goodbye to shaky images

If you’re looking to Vlogging has become a big trend amongst influencers and the public. Whether you are walking or just holding your phone, you are bound to be unsteady and shaky, which results to unclear images or videos.

In result, vivo has enhanced its main camera for the V23 series where the device can intelligently analyze shakes and vibrations caused by walking or other movement and stabilizes the videos and images — reducing blurriness and improving sharpness.

Talk about convenience and simplicity through a feature!

All things 4K with the V23 5G

Since the pandemic has separated people from each other, there’s no doubt that one would like to share any experience with their companion to feel that they are there with them.

Well, the all-new V23 5G is equipped with a 4K feature that showcases both front and rear videos in a lively and delightful demonstration. Users can quickly achieve a 4K resolution video within the settings of the phone and capture high-quality content around them.

The next time you’re going on a solo trip and would like your family and friends to feel as if they were there, the 4K feature will literally do the work for you.


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