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vivo X70 series – elegance redefined

As we start a new year filled with wonder and excitement, some tend to ring their year researching for a brand-new phone. vivo’s all-new X70 series is the right companion for those looking to upgrade their flagship smartphones, especially when it comes to finding a device that boasts a smooth and sophisticated design.

With emotion at the core of its design philosophy, the vivo X70 series has been produced to feature a more ‘humanistic’ thinking, meaning it has a buoyant and fluid form factor design with an elegant area of colors. The vivo X70 series no longer looks like a device where one is holding a technology device but reflects on one’s emotions and feelings, delivering a smoother using experience to consumers.

Here are four reasons why the X70 series redefines elegance and sophistication in a smartphone:

1. Ultimate Exterior Design: The X70 series adopts front-and-rear double curves, and micro curved display, considering the smooth curve of the middle frame connection modeling and the flatness of the display, which provides a comfortable visual effect as well as a comfortable hold. The excellent grip design also reduces a sense of conflict brought by tool attributes and brings easier user experiences to consumers.

2. Cloud Valley Design: Inheriting vivo's unique shape design, X70 series brings a distinctive visual experience in the newly added unique camera model design to users. The ‘Cloud Valley’ design creates a deep artistic conception in the mountains and forests within easy reach, forming an ethereal and flowing space atmosphere.

3. Fluorite AG: The X70 series is built using the new Fluorite AG craftsmanship that raises the bar in terms of gloss, compared to the previous-generation AG Glass Satin Finish, so the whole product looks more stylish and elegant. In terms of user experience, a layer of fine and full crystals is precipitated on the surface of fluorite glass, which is more comfortable to the touch without leaving fingerprints.

4. Premium Colours: X70 series prioritizes comfortable colour tones, different from the previous colour gradient design, and highlights an exquisite large-scale monochrome detail design. The Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn colors of X70 series convey a visual representation of the vast night sky.


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