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Welcoming the next vlogging master with the all-new vivo X70 series

There’s no denying that we have noticed a rapid growth for content creation and viewership in the region. As we see the popularity of short-form videos like TikTok and Instagram Reels growing globally, smartphone manufacturers have quickly responded by enhancing their devices to meet this demand.

vivo has entered the market with a strong flagship phone, the X70 series. Consisting of the X70 and X70 Pro, both offer consumers professional videography features that are close as real-life through a simple touch. To do this, vivo and its long-standing optics partner, ZEISS, have developed the new X70 series with remarkable vlogging features that sets itself apart from its competition.

Three things that places the X70 series as the right vlogging companion:

Say no to tripods and yes to the X70 series’ Gimbal Stabilization 3.0

Aren’t you tired of carrying a tripods and selfie sticks every time you record a video? Well, with the X70 series Gimbal Stabilization 3.0, you don’t need any of them. Through this feature, the Gimbal Camera supports video stabilization smoothly and easily through 5 axes, including X/Y axis rotation, X/Y axis translation and Z axis rotation.

So, the next time you record a travel experience, create a 60-second TikTok, or perform an extreme sport, the X70 series has got you covered by eliminating any shakiness or unstable results your video might have.

Capture clear twilight sceneries through Super Night Video

Want to record fireworks at night? Or even showcase how bright and clear the moon is? Well, the X70 series has introduced a Super Night Video feature that allows vloggers to do this through a click of a button.

The Super Night Video has one of the best night scenes capabilities from the previous generation and is combined with a brand-new Ultra-Sensing Sensor, brightening and noise reducing the video under extremely dark and night scenarios.

Become your own director through the X70’s Pro Cinematic Mode

Do you want to capture authentic and high-quality videos just like how it’s done in films? Well, the X70 series has upgraded its professional video mode to give you that capability.

The Pro Cinematic Mode can maximize the control and adjustment of various video parameters, giving the user control on pre and postproduction. How? Well, this is done through its Zoom Support, Focus Distance Mark, Adjustable Audio Level, and Immersive Monitoring Video Interface.

Whether you’re looking to vlog your next social media video or even create a short film for yourself, the X70 series will help execute high-quality professional video shooting results.


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