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Middle Eastern is an energetic, vibrant, and authoritative voice of urban Middle Eastern men. Founded in 2021, Middle Eastern magazine showcases the latest trends in etiquette, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, business, cars, gizmos, fitness, books, watches, perfumes, travel, technology, and just about everything that gets men energized.


Dedicated to design, photography, and editorial excellence, Middle Eastern celebrates modern men in the region. It inspires them to live life to the fullest by providing them with the information and resources they need to achieve their dreams and goals.


Middle Eastern speaks to its audience across printed and digital platforms, exploring the people, places, and events that define what luxury is all about. Middle Eastern also features interviews with successful fellow men at work or play who represent the best in their industries.


Bringing high-net-worth men the world's best experiences and products, Middle Eastern curates the best of luxury lifestyle, with its unrivaled coverage of style, culture, and lifestyle, so Middle Eastern men can look sharper and live smarter.


Oreste Del Rio


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Tarek Hawchar

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