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Audi continues support of Qatari EV infrastructure.

Audi Qatar has officially launched the first set of fast chargers in partnership with Al Hazm, offering a more convenient and efficient charging experience for e-tron customers who enjoy the luxury shopping experience at Al Hazm. With the ability to fully charge an Audi vehicle in just a few minutes, the partnership between Audi and Al Hazm marks a significant step towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

The introduction of these fast chargers reflects the evolution of the EV infrastructure in Qatar. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, the availability of fast and reliable charging solutions becomes crucial. With Audi’s cutting-edge technology and Al Hazm’s commitment to innovation, the installation of these fast chargers ensures that the Audi e-tron owners can enjoy and benefits of convenient, on-the-go charging.

The premium automotive brand with the four rings has inaugurated two fast chargers at Al Hazm, at the center of Doha to provide its customers with a seamless, comprehensive charging experience as a part of Audi Charging Network Programme. Owners of the e-tron model and customers at Al Hazm can now shop with complete peace of mind whether it would take just minutes for their cars to fully charge.

Mr Ahmed Shariefi, Managing Director of Audi Qatar commented “I am delighted to introduce siemens fast chargers at Al Hazm, in the heart of Doha city, paving the way for future electric mobility infrastructure in the country. The partnership between Audi Qatar and Al Hazm aligns with the Vorsprung 2030 strategy of Audi AG to develop the electric mobility strategy aimed at enhancing electric mobility, providing convenience, and ensuring accessibility for our valued customers.“

Mr Jassim Alemadi, Deputy CEO of Al Emadi Enterprises, expressed gratitude towards Audi for their partnership in making Al Hazm a sustainable shopping destination in Qatar. He also commended Audi's dedication to sustainable mobility. Installing reliable and convenient charging infrastructure will enhance the attractiveness of electric car ownership.

Eng. Rashid Al Rahimi, Manager, Conservation and Energy Efficiency department of Kahramaa, said, “Kahramaa is leading the way in making Qatar a more sustainable country, and we express our gratitude to Q-Auto and Al Hazm for supporting Qatar's National Program for Energy Efficiency. The partnership between Audi Qatar and Al Hazm is a testament to their dedication to promoting greener mobility in Qatar. Kahramaa encourages such collaborations with the private sector to achieve the vision of a sustainable transport system and intends to have 1000 fast-charging units in place by 2030.”

With an unwavering commitment to progress, Audi Qatar’s partnership with Al Hazm demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and progress as the first premium car brand in Qatar to offer free fast DC charging stations to its customers.


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