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Nissan celebrates rich motorsports heritage in thrilling Gran Turismo film

Nissan is inviting audiences to a cinematic spectacle this summer as the Nissan’s ground-breaking GT Academy, one of the trailblazing successes born out of its rich racing heritage, takes centre stage in the Gran Turismo movie by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Set to release exclusively in theatres across the Qatar and the Middle East, the Gran Turismo movie takes viewers on a wild ride, showcasing the exhilarating mix of virtual and real-world racing that the Nissan GT Academy introduced, and left a legacy on the racing world.

Sharing the excitement with fans and automotive enthusiasts, Nissan Middle East, and its partner network across the region, are working alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment and its MENA distributor Empire Entertainment, to roll out a series of exciting activations at key cinema locations across the region.

On this, Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Co., the exclusive dealer of Nissan in Qatar, hosted an exclusive private screening at Novo Cinemas, nestled within the sophisticated ambiance of Place Vendome. Attendees enjoyed a cinematic journey that celebrates the fusion of virtual and real-world racing that the Nissan GT Academy boldly pioneered, leaving a legacy that continues to resonate with enthusiasts worldwide.

Nassim Mourani, General Manager Automotive Group at Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana Company, said: “We are elated to announce that Nissan's pioneering GT Academy, a testament to the brand's illustrious racing lineage, is set to shine in the spotlight of Sony Pictures Entertainment's Gran Turismo movie. We are thrilled to share this exhilarating experience with motor enthusiasts in Qatar and beyond, as the legacy of GT Academy accelerates into a new dimension of excitement and inspiration.”

Abdulilah Wazni, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for Nissan in the Middle East, said: “As a challenger brand that dares to do what others don’t, Nissan’s introduction of the GT Academy in 2008 has long been recognized for making motorsports more accessible than ever before. Giving birth to 22 professional racing drivers, GT Academy marked a key milestone in our motorsports heritage which spans over 85 years, and we are thrilled to have this portrayed in the Gran Turismo film.”

In 2008, Nissan broke barriers by introducing the radical gamer-to-racer competition, a bold move that transformed the best of Gran Turismo gamers into professional motorsports race drivers. This visionary partnership with Gran Turismo challenged the notion of what it took to be a driver, opening doors for aspiring talents worldwide.

Today, Nissan continues to redefine the world of motorsports and empower the next generation, challenging itself with a new focus on electrification in Formula E – the 100% electric motorsport and its extensive electrified line up.

Immerse yourself and watch Nissan's 87 years of strong racing heritage here.


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