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Ooredoo and Snapchat tap into 5G to create unique AR moments for football fans from across the world

Ooredoo, Qatar’s leading ICT provider has joined forces with Snapchat to push the boundaries around innovation and digital transformation. In celebration of the world’s biggest football event, Ooredoo and Snapchat have launched an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) program to enhance the fans' experience on the ground and delight Snapchatters from all over the world with immersive challenges.

Powered by Ooredoo's speedy and robust 5G network, the Ooredoo Skills Challenge brings to life a series of fan-engaging AR lenses that are accessible exclusively on Ooredoo's 5G network. The lens dynamically updates based on the network the user is on. If on a 4G network, Snapchat delivers a simplified gameplay experience. However, the lens then encourages users to get on a 5G network to unlock a series of AR games that allows them to climb higher up in the leaderboard.

This gamified lens, a regional first, tests players' skill, focus and tactics across three unique challenges: Keepy Uppy, uses Snap’s AR body tracking technology and challenges Snapchatters to test their juggling skills by keeping the ball in the air using their knees and head, and if the ball hits the ground then the game is over; Ball Balance, tests one's ability to balance a football on the head for as long as possible; and the Table Top Challenge, is a quirky game which challenges players to put their tactical skills to the test against an AI opponent and score as many goals as they can in 45 seconds.

Earlier this year, a C-suite delegation from Ooredoo led by CEO Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani visited Snap Inc. headquarters in California, USA, to foster close ties between the two companies and explore technologies that Snapchat will use at the highly-anticipated games.

Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Commercial Officer at Ooredoo said: "As Qatar’s leading telecommunications operator, we want to create memorable experiences for fans. Our partnership with Snapchat for this historic tournament allows us to leverage our advanced 5G network capabilities to craft truly interactive and immersive experiences. AR is a great use case for 5G, and we’ve been presented with an excellent opportunity to showcase this capability to an excitingly broad audience."

Anne Laurenson, Global General Manager Carrier Partnerships at Snap Inc., said: "Sports brings people together. Introducing AR to these interactions adds a new level of excitement and fun as fans come together to celebrate this beautiful game. We are proud of our collaboration with Ooredoo, showcasing our leadership in AR innovation, and giving users newer ways to experience our technology and the game.”

5G innovation through AR is an excellent tool for telecom operators to extend 5G benefits of speed and latency to end user customers. AR is immersive and leverages a telco's robust and speedy 5G network to deliver seamless experiences. Snapchat, through its AR technology has emerged to be the ideal partner for augmented reality innovation.

Sports offers a unique opportunity to connect and engage fans at a deeper level through immersive experiences. Already, a highly engaged Gen Z community talks about and watches sports and football on Snapchat daily: over 363 million people use Snapchat daily, engaging with a range of content and creative and immersive AR experiences that bring football fans closer to the action. Among football fans, 83% use their phone while watching TV, with fans messaging their friends and engaging with content throughout the game. Other research shows that 55% of Snapchatters share sports-related topics, while 58% connect with sports-related content.


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